Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Away from home?

As a reader of this blog I have a few simple questions to put to you...
Are you living away from home (place of origin, location of family, place where you grew up)? If so, I am assuming you miss them and are currently involved with doing something that needs doing..(job, education, traveling, deputation).
I was just wondering how many of us are in such places and spaces where we are away from those who we love the most and miss the most..
After a point in time we start to not miss people as much, we tend to 'settle down' and then get used to being away. At some stage details of the previous location fade away, like the pot hole on a street near your house, the building that's being built near the office, phone numbers of people you used to know..They fade, till you land home and have Eureka moments..Remembering things that had faded.
After some time celebrating occasions with the new family you accumulate around you becomes a regular feature..And now you have really 'settled in'.
I just wonder..If being away from home..Is really worth it at the end of the day. The people who love you the most are not going to be around for ever? They will love you forever anyways though..Whether you make an annual visit or a bi-annual visit. Its a tricky question coz you can look ahead if you keep turning back. But is this turning back? I wonder...

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