Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Feminist thoughts

Read some very interesting blog entries this morning about size, sexiness and fashion. It was interesting to see how other people think about the need to be thin in order to look good. I thought about it, agreed with what I read and then went out for lunch.
In my lunch break I went to the shops. I walk into Marks and Spencer which have a 'count on us' range which is for the healthy eater. I saw shelves full of 5 bean salad, tomato and lettuce, tuna layer salads, gluten free sandwiches, sugar free juices, high fibre biscuits, low fat salad dressing, only 35 calories per slice of cheese sandwiches...the list went on..3 long aisles full of food to go.
Now was it me, or what I read before lunch..or was it actually true that there were only women shopping in those aisles. Now one would think maybe more women shop for food then men (as in domesticated roles, we should have cooked, packed or attached some sort of food to our male counterparts so they dont have to go hunting and gathering for their own food at lunch time).
But no..there were lots of men around..maybe it was attraction to the corporately dressed women, to the sunshine or perhaps to the food..but yes, uh-huh there were loads of men around..and all of them seem to be buying the standard English working day lunch of BLT sandwich, packet of crisps, bottle of Coke (not diet) and a bar of chocolate.
Is it me or is it true that us women have to look out for healthy food, we have to watch what we eat for fear of turning into a cow. Where no amount of brains and good that we do shall overcome our sin of being fat!
We should attempt at supermodel health and that can be easy...I can smoke 40 a day, drink 4 litres of water and follow mossy footsteps to a coke habit..and am not talking cola here. If this is what keeps some people on the cover of a magazine..and the face of perfume houses..I would rather be a cow. I would rather eat what I like, be curvy, be short, and be happy. I dont, ladies and gentlemen, care. I am happy being me. And wont be nobody's cow..adios... while I reach for my bar of chocolate!

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