Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Wow factor

Ok so i am in Florence. It feels like I left home a long long long time ago...last minute packing, clearing the garbage, switching off the heating..and ofcourse deciding on what to take with me.
The Uff..dont want to go factors were:
- Heavy bags...as usual, like any female worth her salt...I have mighty plans for light travel and half an hour later I am lugging a bag which can compete with my body weight
- left at 1am from home for a 6.30 flight..so I was tired and hungry and sleepy..not to mention cold!
- leaving the loved ones back in UK was not good for my heart strings

Now to the WOW factors:
- woke up in the middle of the flight due to the light in the aircraft. Light that was bouncing off the Alps as the sun came out..they turned pinkish, then orange and then bright white in a matter of minutes. It was a moment when you thank the Lord for taking his time to make this planet.
- This place is crawling with Indians, Chinese (i guess that was to be expected) and ofcourse the Americans!!
- Its is unbearably hot and bright..its nice to not have to hold your breath at every stir of air. Its warm but there is a cool breeze.
- Travelling from Pisa to Florence by bus was idyllic..sun kissed Vineyards, red roofed cottages, lots of peacful scenery, typical Italian countryside with wild flowers and sun tanned kids playing in the fields.
- I walked to my place of stay and as i walked I was looking out for the Duomo which is the middle of the city...I did not know how, HOW huge it would be..its gianormous..could vie with the Taj Mahal I think. Its brilliant..I am waiting for the dark now to see what it looks like with its lights on.

As of now I am living with Gucci in front of me and Giorgio Armani behind me. There is Dutti, Prada and Chanel on either side...why oh why am I a student I wonder!!!

So far I have seen the posh ends of town around the Duomo and also the flea market which is behind it...as usual there are loads of Italian men who are born with a flirt gene!! Its amusing and amazing to see any age and type flirt :)

I shall now head back and eat the famous gelati (ice cream) and head home..more later!!

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