Monday, May 22, 2006

The world is not shrinking!

Nope..who ever said that and who ever agrees with it needs to think again. I bet its not shrinking. The reasons behind my vehemence is the travelling time it takes from one place to another.

On one hand we are the EU / the EEU and a tiny little village with small countries and smaller distances..well I am listing how much time it took me to come back from Italy to my house in UK. (transfers and waiting and cancellations included)

12 noon. I leave from Florence to Pisa.
Leave hotel, reach Station. Half an hour wait at Santa Maria Nouvella Station. After much running and translating..I did manage to get the ticket from a wandering bus driver... Who thought I should stay longer in Italy coz its SO nice!!

2.45 pm Reach Pisa Airport
This is after 40 mins of standing in a traffic jam on the 2 lane motorway, the Italians came out of the their cars, plenty of head shaking, loud curses and hand gesticulation followed...and then with a shrug of shoulders they setlled down and sat on the road the sun and caught a few zzz's. Thats vent your emotions and then you nap, coz there is no much else you can do!

3.00 check in to London flight.
Well the departures information screen did not show my flight for a LONG time..worried, I went and asked and was told..not to worry, flight is always late, much shrugging...I should come back and ask later. So coffee and one Dolcetta Siciliana later...I went back. No joy. it finally opened at 4pm. Bags done..I walked into duty free.

5.00 Departure to London.
Of course the plane is I read my book and plug into the ipod. Fortunately they had more shops with I drank some more. Boarding at Gate 22 it said. Gate 1- 4 on the ground floor and gates 22- 28 on the first floor. I dont pretend to be smart but this was a bit difficult to figure. Ofcourse the flight left only at 7.00pm

9.00 pm London Stansted
I ran, because I wanted to catch the straight train to my home town. I did not want to get into London city and then get out again..anyhow. I ran out of the aircraft, ran through Immigration, ran to the carousels..and waited, and waited. As often happens, my bags are the last ones that the carousels spits out.. Now I know I have missed the last train and there are no buses either at this hour on a Saturday.

10.10...after much running, dashing, too-ing and fro-ing..I get on to a 10.10 train that shall get me home by taxi and I am home....hmph!
And so i am home!! Finally!!!
The only thing I dont get is the connection my travels have to howling children...for every second of every minute and every hour I have just told you about..their was a wailing kid near me, crying like no tomorrow..I dont know how and why this happens, but where ever I go there HAS to be a kid around..and no i am not talking about the oh-so-cute-while-it-sleeps Angel variety..No this is the demonically possesed, hyper ventilating, wanna-be-rock-singer type, cries loudly, with tears and snot..the works...ofcourse no amount of soothing noises, baby soothers, dummies or mummies help...they just howl, all the time...every time
I guess its just some Karmic link!

Dont want to travel again for a long time now :)

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