Tuesday, June 20, 2006

And here comes the pressure

For the past few months I have been travelling, dragging my feet with my work and thinking about what a pain this PhD has become. I want to move on and do the thousand things I have in my head. And I cant. Coz I am stuck with this never ending thesis. I have thought a lot, but done very little.
My supervisors were ill. And when they came back I was not around. Now I have had the chance to meet them again and have got the 'danda' from them. Yup. I need to slog my butt off so I can finish in time. People and places keep moving and I need to get done before the next big shift.
There are promises of brighter futures at this University and elsewhere..there are promises of a sweeter life with a perfect person, there are opportunities to work with the people who need me the most, there are choices to be made. But right now I need to finish what I started less than 4 years ago. I need to do this and soon, before I have to pay thousands to the University. Before my supervisors leave for the US. Before I disappoint the people I love the most. Talk about pressure!!

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