Wednesday, June 28, 2006


And globalisation strikes. Nothing here is not available anywhere else.

Apart from that..the windmills, the tulips, the beer and the drugs are every where. As I sit here typing on the net I am surrounded with smoke from the pots from the Ganja here. I like the way the red light area, the church, the palace, the drug joints co exist here in complete harmony with each other.

As usual there are a lot of tourists, but this place is prettier than the pictures I have seen. The Van Gogh museum is my next target after Leiden, Den Haag and Rotterdam. The house of Anne Frank was creepy.

The language a mix of German and English. The people sweet and helpful, the trains clean, the houses tiny, the roads even smaller..infact its like a BIG dolls house..I feel that if I could lift the roof from any house..I shall see dolls walking about doing things dolls do.

Very pretty.


mar00ned said...

What do dolls do ? I thought you made dolls do things. ;-) Looks like you are having fun. Dont forget to post some pictures.

Morpheus said...

Dolls sit on the pretty sofas and look pretty. They make nakli tea in tiny pots and serve them on the tea table. They open and close the pretty curtains in their houses. Never been a little girl?
Shall post pictures soon.

mar00ned said...

I thought dolls wore short clothes and partied with Ken ... ( and we could undress them anywhere ;-) )

Morpheus said...

Some people are beyond hope it seems :)have your never heard Barbie is a tart and Ken is gay? And i played with neither when I was a little girl. They were banned by mum. Sorry to disappoint you