Friday, June 23, 2006

Eureka Moment

After the shit day at work. I headed home..feeling glum and low I thought I shall go to sleep..and wake up happy, as always.
Went home and spoke to a fellow Kashmiri who likes Chaaman amd is coming for dinner tonight (cottage cheese / paneer) I thought I shall try and make some. The ready made one available here in UK is like erasers mixed with plasticine. Its bad enough to make you go off Chaaman for life...SO!...
so one large bottle of milk and some lemon juice, and much to-ing and fro-ing..and fretting and wondering when the damn thing will boil...i did what was required..I watched in wonder as the milk split into two..and jumped up and down at my own genius.
It was a Eureka moment for me ...needless to say I am my own worst critic and also my best admirer. I dont recall watching anyone ever make Paneer at home and it seemed miraculous. Ahhh!!
I discovered cottage cheese!! I hopped all over the kitchen in delight. And was waiting impatiently for it to cool down, have heard that it wont set if you fiddle too much. I did not. It did set and its perfect..soft and sweet and perfectly formed. I feel like a genius.
The shit day was not shit anymore...I smiled all through the evening!
Ahh!!!For the simple pleasures and small happinesses in life!!
Ramble ends, this hungry Kashmiri heads home to eat!!


Piper said...

yum dum.

lol. Eureka is the right word :)

Morpheus said...

It felt like I had discovered a BRAND new thing. Paneer rocks :) I have a feeling I shall be eating it alternate days now :)

awsom said...

who is this kashmiri anyways .... i wonder!!

Morpheus said...

Just another Kashmiri I am. Far away from home and family..sitting and writing my thoughts in a blog.