Thursday, June 22, 2006

Shit day!

Has anyone ever thought why there are shit days?
I had one of them. My head hurt when I woke up..was up at night thinking my myriad thoughts..wondering about things, people, places, thesis, work, India, changing flats...generally thought for a long time and eventually slept..the 6 am alarm was a killer. I dont have a voice due to a throat infection, which makes teaching impossible..but when you get only 7 days sick in a CRAWL to work or call in dead!
The prison sucked! The prisoners spoke only in F words today. Sheets of paper on which they are supposed to write flew and so did my temper.
In the middle of my class I had had enough. I wanted a stiff drink and a cigarette! Hmm!!
Perhaps shall go home and look for either or both!
Needless to say they shall get punished for behaving the way they do outside the prison (which is why they ARE in prison) telly for 3 weeks..HA!!! there goes the world cup. An evil voice in my head says..well done. The sympathetic one are pathetic.


Santosh said...

On the shit days, its good to remember the good ones,

Morpheus said...

Santosh: I agree. After a shit day even something small like cottage cheese discovery makes me smile. I have few shit days if any..but when they are bad..they REALLY are!