Friday, June 16, 2006

Swear on your mother!?!

Young Offenders Prison. Conversation:

Young man, in prison for assualt : I swear on my Mother's life I dont know.
Another young man, in for robbery : I swear on my Mum's life I am right.
Yet another young man, in for armed robbery: I did not do this, I swear on my Mum's life.

I have heard swearing on the 'mum's' life so often over the past few months, that today I could not resist asking a few questions. I thought I could on..

Andrew: I swear on my mum's life I dont know this.
Me: Dont you love your mum, you keep swearing on her life, every 2 minutes
Andrew: But I dont mean any disrespect, I love mum.
Me: Dont swear then.
Andrew: But what if I have to.
Me: Swear on your dad's life then.
Andrew: I would if I knew who he was.
Andrew: The thing is Miss, you can have many dad's but you can have only one mum.
Me: Then swear on yourself.
Andrew: I would if my life was worth anything.

That shut me up.


pushkar said...

that was funny :)
btw.. are you still teaching those guys?

mar00ned said...

Deep :-\

SpaceMonkey said...

Marooned couldn't have said it better. Second that.

Morpheus said...

Yes I am still teaching these guys. Its been 2 yrs at the Prison now..and I like it there. Its tiring, and irritating but never ever boring :)It shows me a part of life that I could not even imagine...thoughts that would not strike me in a million years.