Monday, July 03, 2006

Ground rules

The dutch and the way they are: A few concepts.

Anyone of any other origin but Scandinavian or Dutch would feel like Alice in Wonderland here. They are impossibly tall, add politeness to that..equals a 6 foot 6 inch man, leaning all half way down his waist to ask me how I am liking the city. It also means no clothes or shoes would be the right size for a dwarf like me. So kids section it was. It also means that all beds, benches and seats are high and in the bus it equals feet that dangle off the edge!

You have to be able to speak and clear your throat at the same time, in order to sound Dutch. Its sounds like a mix of German and English. Zaanse Schaans, Kaizerspline, Kalverstraat..sound like simple names till you need to speak them out.

Dont ever ask a Dutch person if he/she is German, its not exactly a good idea. Also dont ask for Tomato ketchup anywhere..its sacrilege to do so. You must l-u-r-v-e cheese...if not, like me, shut up. Making a disgusted face at the smell of cheese is a very bad idea

Watch out for trams that RRRING to get your attention, cars that stop to let you go. But also...the fast, furious, vile and loud cyclists who own the roads, bug one and he shall call you a 'Blu-DD-ee toukh-reest', he / she might even shake a fist/ finger or head at you! They have right of way. Period.

There is more Indonesian food in Amsterdam than in Jakarta. There is also alcohol that is cheaper beyond imagination. The former due to history, the latter I dont know why, but I am NOT complaining.

The red light area..which is something I shall write another detailed blog about. I am not a prude and I am not exactly shy, but this place left me, as the English would say 'gob-smacked'. Shall say no more. Await pictures and detailed description of Amsterdam's flesh market.


SpaceMonkey said...

"Await pictures and detailed description of Amsterdam's flesh market."

WOOOHOOOO....Smack, smack. Drool, drool.

Morpheus said...

Monkeyji..details coming up soon. It was not worth smack and drool..more shock and surprise..more later