Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Indian Rain

I stood in the Rain today. 10am, thunder clouds had been lining up. It was hot and humid, lightening, big dark clouds lines up. The performance started at 10.15. It poured, big fat raindrops. There was a cloud of water that decended. I sat there, on my roof, drenched. Feeling the cool water, the warm breeze, the scents of Jasmine from the roof garden, mixed with the smells of pollution from the nearby highway.

I sat there and thought about things that I hide into the deeper recesses of my mind. I bring them out to think and ponder when I think I can spend some time, sorting them out...

I thought about things, we all do at some point of time, with varying degrees of success at finding answers:

- Why am I here?
- Do I like being in this time, space and place?
- Am I happy here?
- What makes me happy?
- What would be an ideal case scenario for my life/ perfection?
- What makes me unhappy?
- What can I do about it?
- Have I learnt anything so far?
- Am I using what I have learnt from my life so far and the books I have read?
- Do I know the answers?
- Am I honest with my answers?
- Do I have choices? or do the freedom to make those choices?
- Do I want those choices?

Lots of questions, each has two answers, the straight ones..the kind everyone likes to hear. And the honest ones, that need thinking and discussion. And also one final question...
Am I thinking too much?


Priya said...

hey.surprise! you are in india. no hint. till when will you be here? lets meet up next week or this weekend.what say.
and hows life..what plans..
take care, c u

SpaceMonkey said...

Man. Red-pill, blue-pill philosophy ala Matrix. Deep.

Morpheus said...

Priya...Sorry but I cant identify you. help!!
Monkeyji..I dont like the Matrix but I do feel unlike Morpheus at some points of time :)