Thursday, July 20, 2006


No person is an island but I guess one can try to be (Oh dear!! I sound like the Queen)
One would like to think that all ones happiness can be self generated. And no one can make you unhappy unless you want to be.

Well over the past few days I think I have written sad, low kind of things, because that was the way I was thinking at that time.

So this morning..after finally sleeping (the heat and humidity has kept me awake) I woke up at dawn, watched the sun come out. Made a cup of tea, sat and stared at the swans on the river (below my house) and enjoyed the chilly early morning breeze. I also watched thunder clouds draw up, and turn every perceivable shade of orange, yellow and pink in matter of minutes..and then blessed rain, thunder and lightning..on the dry earth! Everything felt cleansed and green!
It had all gone by the time I was ready to step out to catch my bus (good mood can change the weather I think)..I skipped away to work, thinking smiley thoughts. Off to usual. It was a good day. No wise cracks from the inmates... nothing!
A few meetings and 6 hours of teaching later...I skipped home. And though I am tired, I am happy.
Thinking of the Chumbawamba lyrics
'I get knocked down
But I get up again
You're never going to keep me down'

I think I shall skip home, and paint!


SpaceMonkey said...

'Smiley thoughts'???

Please elaborate. :)

Morpheus said...

Smiley thoughts are those...that make you smile as soon as you think them. A funny expression, a dialogue you remember, a situation you were in, a smartass answer to a wise crack....
In my case it was the sunrise..that morning. I collect such thoughts and recall them when I get the chance/ need or urge