Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The wind in the mill

This is in Leiden, where I was working. This is my favourite shot from the trip..the windmill, the canal, the clouds and the tree. Perfection:)


Anonymous said...

lovely shot.what camera is this?

SpaceMonkey said...

Nice pic. You seem to travel a lot. Lucky you. (Green with envy).

Morpheus said...

anon: This is a Canon IXUS. AutumA=atic, click and move camera.
monkey: My travels have come to an end, I shall now stay put in UK for a long long long time :) dont turn green. get out and travel a bit, there is SO much to see! I would recommend Amsterdam to anyone, age no bar, sex no bar. Its worth one visit to see how crazy a city can get!

Anonymous said...

Dear Neelam

this is Mona.....
nice to see your photos and blogs

how are you recently?

I give you my photo album also