Monday, July 10, 2006

I have learnt

And when you look back, like you sometimes do. You see your life as it was one year ago from now..two years ago from now. Looking back you might think, I was so lost, so unsure of which way to go. So keen to move, yet so stuck in the certainity and security of what I knew, even though at some points I knew that it was not what I wanted, and it was not something that made me happy. At that point looking ahead was exciting but moving ahead was not.
And now..things have changed, some willing some unwilling changes. Some things present in your life now, that you cant think about what life was life previously without them. Ties and bonds, links and ownership, thoughts and processes. Maybe the shackles of a past that was stuck have gone. You are ok to move on and look ahead. You are happy and not keen to question and dig for the reasons behind it. You are also not stupid enough to dissect every step of the way that got you to where you are, you accept..and be happy.
You are as sure as you can be, or will ever be that you are ok. That you are taking the right decisions and moving on, in the eternal pursuit of happiness.
I have learnt
...that chasing is a game I dont like playing. trust my instinct and learn to hear it when it whispers to me.
...that eternal happiness and security are variables and never found in simultaenously in totality.
...that there are no assurances in life.
...that I cant get everything, but I can definitely keep what I already have, and cherish it.
...I have got everything I want, and satisfaction is not laziness or lack of ambition.
...that patience might be called a virtue but in real terms it is mandatory for existence.
...freedom is about choices and not only about space.
...that true love is not hard to find..but hard to recognize.
...that even though I generate my own happiness, it is linked to that of the people I care about.

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