Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fine lines...

When does a disagreement become a battle of wills?
When does a spot of sulking turn into long negative moods?
When does a shake of a head turn into constant criticism?
When does constructive arguing turn into an ego contest?
When does a spat become a basis of path changing?
When does having an opinion different from the others become an independent streak?

There are fine lines in every relationship. It is up to us to recognise those and talk through them. Shutting and avoiding, shoving them under the carpet will get you no where.

Like a wise friend once told love means, "to love inspite and despite what happens or is said'

To me a long happy relationship is based on a unbreakable friendship. When you know you can scream, shout, vent your unhappiness, reveal your insecurity, show your fears and your tears and still be able to hug and kiss. thats it. You have got it!

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