Friday, October 13, 2006

Recovering thoughts...

Sometimes thoughts come to your head, without prior warning, without any links to what you are doing or were planning to do. Just thoughts from nowhere. Sometimes I banish these to be brought out and chewed later, almost cud like.
Sometimes I have to sit and think them out.
Last night I sat and thought and thought and thought...came to no conclusion. Tried to sleep, that did not work. Sat and sulked for a while, feeling sorry about a lot of things..then eventually sleep claimed me.

I guess just feeling a bit blue after being ill. Being ill is rather horrible but the slow recovery period is worse, when you are not ill enough to lie in bed, sedated with medicines. But you are not well enough to walk about and carry on as normal. When you get tired too easily and then get grumpy. And it comes out on the people around you, who probably are the closest to you emotionally. Nothing is funny because it just aint. Nothing is entertaining. Nothing is nice. Everything is silly and stupid. Having spent so much time horizontally and within confined spaces, getting out and walking is nice. Having also been constantly surrounded by people does not help if you are the kind that likes their space. If you are a routine type person, then not having that routine of daily life is irritating.

I guess as I get better I shall feel more like myself. Right now I feel like a grump.


Anonymous said...

If I may ask Morf, what happened to you?

Morpheus said...

I was really ill and was lying in hospital feeling sorry for myself :( Its depressing to lie in bed and feel ill, and be fed intravenously :( the fact that family is all 7200 miles away does not help :)