Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Silence of a Ward

Dark corners and crevices, silent moans and groans, the smooth whine of a bed as it flattens out automatically, the rumble of wheels of the glucose trolley, hushed voices. Serious looking notices and charts and quiet worried people. Shadows moving in the night, busy and quick. Moving on, moving on, moving on to the next patient.
Hospitals are strange places. You only go when you are in a lot of trouble, you only stay if there is going to be more trouble. Silent faces, empty spaces, as patients come and go. Nurses move quietly, just a hint of a rustling curtain as they come to check on me during the night. The morning murmur of visitors, some worried, some carrying flowers, magazines and chocolates, others just trying to smile and be normal as they worry inside their heads.
Being in hospital was no fun!! The fact that doctors here are so keen to cover their asses in case of patients suing them does not help at all. They tell you all the options and leave the decision making to you. There is no point to that is there, if I was smart enough to make medical decisions about myself would I not be a Doc myself? The amount of paperwork they do in UK hospitals is not funny either, everyone I saw at night, nurses, sisters, wardens, doctors, surgeons, students...everyone at some point sat and filled forms..forms and more forms.
Being by myself at night, no TV, no book, no phone was not helpful either. I lay there observing people and the place. Thinking nasty MRSA thoughts and also some positive, I shall get out soon thoughts. The sounds of the ward were unique.


Piper said...

Areyou ok? mahn.... kya ho raha hai?!!

Morpheus said...

hey came out of hospital last night :) again!! was in and out for a week now..holes in my hands from all the needles and pipes :) but i am better. thanks

Anonymous said...

What are 'nasty MRSA thoughts'?

Also, hope you're doing better now.

Morpheus said...

MRSA is a superbug that kills many people. Its known to be present in the UK hospitals and many people who go to hospital, get better, and sadly ctach MRSA and die..
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/2572841.stm tells more :)
i am paranoid when I am in hospital :)