Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Post Diwali Thoughts...

I always sit and reassess the year gone by every Diwali and also every 31 Dec :) Thinking gets major-ly enhanced when I am sick. Which I am again..acute tonsillitis..which means I cant speak!! To me nothing worse could happen..if i cant is not worth living, this morning it is compounded into an ear infection which means I cant hear much either...SUCH FUN!!! SO I can read and write...

here is the current list of random thoughts in my head...
- Oh dear this year went past quick, only last Diwali I was here partying.
- Wonder what I will be doing and where I will be next Diwali.
- This is the 7th Diwali I have spent away from home, maybe next year I shall be home.
- Its not far to Christmas, thank heavens I dont have to buy X'mas gifts for everyone I know.
- must buy new year and x mas cards while they are still around.
- Want to go home for Xmas as usual. Manupulative monopolistic aviation industry has hiked its xmas prices for travel as usual.
- Maybe this Xmas I shall go to a mountain cottage and sit and stare at some snow at night
- Why does winter make me ill and full of thoughts?
- When will my voice come back, not being able to talk is a PAIN...a real pain. The only good thing is I cant teach either, so I get a break from work.
- what is it about Khaled Hussaini's Kite runner, that makes me want to read it again and again and cry each time?
- Why is warm soup and a warm duvet the best thing you can get when ill? Are there better things?
- Why do I think so much? and so randomly?

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Upasna said...

somehow inspite of feeling exactly the same abt the dark/cold months, I honestly love the winter!
Maybe cos it makes things real...get well soon! not talking is a pain, I can understand!!