Thursday, October 26, 2006


We often live on our own planets...we live well and truly engulfed in our busy lives. Wrapped with things to do, things to see, shopping lists, social visits, time for work, time for fun, time to think. Sometimes we are SO busy we forget to see the things around us..yes we look at them, but we dont see them. We dont live up to promises made, we try but something 'more' important comes up..there is never a moment when we can say..and now..I shall do..nothing. I shall just sit here and do nothing at all.

Very rarely does anyone sit and do nothing. Just sit, empty your head of thoughts and things to do and just sit. Dont sleep, dont watch TV, dont listen to music..its not the same thing. We tend to cram our lives with meaningless noise. People we have to meet, things we have to do, places we have to go to, movies we must watch, TV programs that cant be missed, emails that have to be sent..its just one thing after the other. And if we dont watch it thats what life becomes.

Doing nothing..nothing at all is an art, very few of us know how to practice it. Itis almost as if there is pressure to never waste a moment, to always be busy, to always be doing something. Wasting time is something everyone frowns about. It should not be..every single moment cant be productive...sometimes you have to do nothing. Learn how to waste time sometime. Try it. Do nothing.

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