Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cleanliness is Directly Proportional to Age

The whole physical effort involved in cleaning your surroundings is utterly pointless. You shall perhaps spend a few minutes or hours (depending on your standards) every day or every week cleaning the space you work in and live in. This could include tidying up, putting away things in the places they belong, filing papers, hoovering the house, washing dishes, ironing clothes, getting rid of mails and bills etc etc.
On being completed the effort feels huge and the results could be pretty rewarding, if you have not given up half way through and got pulled away by something (anything) more entertaining than cleaning up. The fact that age and cleanliness are directly proportional is something I am suggesting here. So you might feel you are turning into your own mum, a straight forward test of this state is by asking yourself one simple question - can you spot dust on your computer / tv screen? If you can - the bad news are your mum now. As teenagers walking into dirt, dust, puddles was not a problem. As a young adult walking out of your jeans, leaving them in a puddle, and the next day, just walking into them and lifting them up was not a problem. Now, it is. As a student at university dirty dishes, used cups, sinks full of food gone by was a common sight. A time when you would drink water out of anything that could hold it...has gone. If you now have a favourite cup or mug, and IF it does have your name on are your mum now. If the CDs in your house are all in their own cases, and heaven forbid are arranged into some sort of genre or alphabetical are your mum now!!
If by now you are kinda sorta annoyed because you do all of the above and find it not even in the same post code as funny that you are being called mum....YES...You are your own mother now.
The point being - young people dont see dirt, dust or messes. Not too old people see it but it does not bother them, OLD people, dare I say - see it, worry about it, clean it up and then worry about it when it collects again!! take your pick!! Where do you sit on that line?

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