Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Of loved ones gone

You meet someone today, you exchange thoughts and wishes and then you are both on your own ways, with bids of meeting again, sometime soon, and how good it was to see them. You dont know when you shall meet again, and its not a witches of Macbeth option. You really dont know and will not know if you shall meet again or not.
Some time ago I made a blog entry about advice from an 80 year old aunt about being a good wife. I had seen her after about 7 years, we spoke often on the phone and with every visit to India I did think I would go travel across to meet her. But did I, oh no! It was always a yes I will, but no not right now, and maybe later, sure next time. But I never did get the chance and I must admit I never did make enough of an effort to go. Well she decided to slip away quietly. And I never thought of that as a possibility.
We never do I guess, we never think that death, illness, accidents and such like would happen to us or those we love. I know it is a pessimistic way of thinking, but is there not a line between pessimism and realism? I do wonder!

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