Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Women, Haircuts and New Beginnings.

They say that a new hairstyle can instantly lift your mood. They also say that hair by virtue of its life / presence signify some sort of history and in getting them chopped off, we break away from memories of our past. Many women say that they change hairstyles when something radical and life changing happens, like a birth of a baby, wedding, divorce, death, turning 30, 40 or any other decade shift. I don't know if it is true. I do think there is some kind of attachment we women seem to have to our hair. We fuss over them, we look after them, we use them to hide, we use them to flirt, we use them to feel good, and a bad hair day can turn out to eventually be just a bad day on the whole!
Well it so happened that after looking like a girlie girl for over a year or so, I decided to get back to my sorter than you can catch hold of hair. My curly locks were about to get chopped off. I had done the deed of looking sweet and nice and now that that was out of my way I was okay to get back to my low or rather no maintenance hair style.
So it came rather as a surprise that my hairstylist looked like her heart would break when I told her what I wanted to do. She was shocked and then doubtful about my decision. When she saw that I was not about to be cajoled into a 'mid length' style, she asked me - 'so what happened that is making you do this?' I must say for once I was lost for words. Nothing had happened...well, yes I did get married, and he likes short hair, and it is hot, and of course it can grow back, and well, without being rude - it is my head!!!
Since nothing radical had happened, and there was no spicy news of a break up or anything, the hairstylist shut up and did what she was being paid to do.
Needless to say I wont be going to her again in a hurry. Talk about mountains and molehills!!!

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Upasna said...

I always felt so too...I guess i wud cut my hair too, to feel good abt myself! I dont know why tht happens though...