Saturday, June 02, 2007

Met Mr Bossy Boots yet?

He stands alone and assumes that it is entirely polite to stare. The man just slightly bulging out of his trouser waist. The paunch, the remnants of hair, swept back carefully with an air of nonchalance into a barnet. The tightly tucked in shirt. Chest and stomach out, back arching to hold the weight and the massive ego he carries around with him. The over powering cologne, and astounding bad breath. The clothes straight out of an old 70s film, where the 'bad boys' wore stripes with checks and bright tightly knit tops. The one person who will push into a queue and stare back when stared at and not apologetically or out of guilt. The man who thinks he rules the world and thinks its just about fair to be rude and bossy to all and sundry.
Often this kind of male struts and does not walk, his air of condescension at once comic yet highly annoying. He is also often accompanied by either his female strutting equivalent or in most cases by this sheepish wont-say-much type. The kind who pretends nothing is wrong with her man and it is okay to be bossed around by him. She will forgive him his innuendos and passes at all women he fancies. She will fetch and carry for him and do as she is told. He of course is the lazy one but on being asked shall moan about the whole world and about how over worked he is and how the pay is shit and how 'back in the days' it was much better, all in the amount of time it takes you to say 'how are you?'
This man will often pretend he had something to do with the Army at some point of time, which is a read between line kind of way of explaining why he is Mr Bossy Boots. He is the one person who has missing words in his dictionary, these being - sorry, excuse me, thank you, please etc.
These people are the bane of my life. They appear out of nowhere and see no reason to not stare lecherously, push old women and children around and of course jump into the queue in front of me. If only I was taller and stronger.....
If you have not met the kind yet...good for you, but I am sorry to say, you will meet one, and soon, there are plenty around. If you ARE one of these lovelies, please do something..anything. Personality transplant is a Good option!

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