Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Living with a Man!

A long time ago, Monica of Friends, complained about having to live with a 'boy'. She looked pretty darned unhappy about it. I am not unhappy but I know exactly what it is like..here are a few guarantees to life with a man in the house:
~ Dirt and dust are invisible to men
~ Dishes need to be used till you need to drink out of a flat dinner plate and there is nothing clean left
~ The bathroom shall always be wet
~ Toilet roll is never replaced by a man, and the seat is always up!
~ The pretty candles you used to light are now permanently dead because he saw no point of candles in the bathroom
~ The toothpaste always has its cap missing
~ Wet towels are dried on the bed and often on the floor
~ Bedsheets are not things that need washing
~ They often do not see the difference between body wash, body soap, body gel and bath & body gel
~ Wet teaspoons in the pot of sugar are often found
~ The fridge is somewhere you must poke your head often, but its not something that needs cleaning.
~ Rinsing a cup is often thought to be the same as washing with soap
~ Good music can often mean loud rock!!
~ After each chat with a pal on the phone - he has to smile and say - you can really talk!
~ Tidying up is not something they get, the house is vacuumed then its clean. No notice is taken of cushions in the floor, bunched up rugs, CDs which are outside their cases
~ All the 'pretty' things you have are not appreciated - they are just there. 'Pointless' is what he might think of them as.
~ A small sniffle or cough, low fever, tummy aches become 'life threatening' if the man gets them. You so have to baby them!! You can not possibly say - 'its a cold, get on with it'
~ The TV is always ON!! and at a LOUD setting.

Sounds pretty grim, but if you ever lived with a man you shall know some of these to be true! They are fun to be with, but I do think they are from a different planet sometimes :)


Soulmate said...

Didnt you hear the song from Hum Tum: Ladki na jaane kyun lakdon si nahi hoti... Rani explains all this very nicely in the song while Saif doesnt know where to look... He finally gives up....

SpaceMonkey said...

And despite all this, men are worth it ;)

Deepak said...

Half of those things that you said are guaranteed are absolute rubbish. :D
I'll make my wife tell you that when I marry. :P