Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Aaarrrgghh?? Anyone??

Do you ever feel that if you think and worry anymore about things you shall flip?
Are you ever so bothered about stuff that you know you are forgetting things that matter?
Do you ever get so wrapped up in thoughts that you know you are there...but..not really?
Stressed? Worried? Or maybe just plain tired?
Need to get away from it all? Run away, hide and...sleeeeep??

...and I now sound like an advert for a holiday plan!!
Not quite the intention here..this was just to answer to all those is YES!!
A Loud Capital letters one!
Having one of those Aaarghhh!! days..well the past 2 weeks have been like!!

aaarghh?? anyone? or am I here alone?

1 comment:

mar00ned said...

Tell me about it :-)