Monday, February 26, 2007

Atta Girl!!!

The 52 Annual Filmfare Awards (the Indian Oscar equivalent) took place in Mumbai last night.
Amongst the nominees was my very own sister. OK, she did not win, but India's biggest star Shahrukh Khan read out her name. So someone voted for the sister :)

Awards in the Techincal Category: Best Art Direction: Aparna Raina for 'Being Cyrus'

Though I dont like Mr Khan per se it did sound good to know that Aparna's work was being broadcast to the nation via this famous face.

Non conventional as this area is to my family of Doctors, Teachers, Engineers, Bureaucrats and Bankers, it was not easy for them to understand this desire to be behind the cameras. She broke the mould and worked on ad films and music vidoes, now after having been in Mumbai for 3 years, she is getting there!

Someday she shall be a celebrity I hope, and I can bask in reflected glory!! I wish! Hey did us proud!! Way to go!!

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Upasna said...

fabulous! Congrats to her!