Monday, February 19, 2007

About Business Class and Softy Men

What is about men? They complain about being used and manipulated, but they turn soft as soon as a girl is sweet to them.
Last night for the 7th time I got upgraded for free from a crummy Economy class middle of the middle seat to 7K - business class in Virgin Atlantic. I travelled in style. All because I was very nice and smiley at the check in desk. I requested the nice young man at the desk to find me a good aisle seat as it was a long haul flight, he smiled back and said there is nothing available, when I continued to smile, he said he would sort something out, in the meantime I had a middle seat anyways. Later on I was called forward in the queue and told about my new seat. When boarding, was asked to turn left at the aircraft door..ooh! All for a smile :)

Having had this treatment done to me, now the 7th time on long haul flights (the other sweeties were all ground staff men with British Air, Gulf Air and Emirates) I was sitting and pondering about it while I soaked in the Champagne and nibblets. As I sat back with my feet up in the plush bed, and read through the latest antics of Shilpa Shetty in a UK magazine, I wondered if I would have been treated any differently if I was male.

How do airlines decide who shall get upgraded for free and why do they do it. Does a smile really work wonders on any man? I dont know if I want to think any theories here..or try and apply them. All I know is, when a girl (in this case me) smiles at a man (any man) chances are he will be really nice to her, and possibly do anything she wants. Ahh! I thank again the Lord for making me female!! Chromosome X rocks!


Deepak said...

A smile is how females use and manipulate males! ;)

Most guys fall for a girl's smile. The only other way to make them fall is put a banana skin on their path.

Upasna said...

i am going to try this too! this is fab! ;)