Thursday, February 08, 2007


Miles dont matter,
To the moon and back is not far when you really want to do it.
I would change planets if required.
I am going. Going home. To where I belong, if only for a while.
To end my misery, even if temporarily.
Right or wrong, close or far. When the person matters, there is no debating.
There is no length long enough, no place too far.
I dont know about travelling through time..but a million miles is also not too long.
When you say you love someone, and really mean it.
It means a lot more than one phrase.
A lot more than love,
its about priorities, you know who shall be on top,
of your list.
You know when you wont think twice.
You will do anything to make them smile.
You will put their happiness in front of yours.
You would if you could. Anything.
Love means more than shared affection,
its more than a lot of caring,
it means more than marriage and children,
more than heart strings,
more than sacrifice and adjustments,
it includes:
'You mean the most to me, and there is nothing, that is trivial that I would not do for you, you matter that most, always, everytime and in every possible way. Everything else is trivial and matters little in the larger scheme of things'.

And so I am going..home...because 9000 miles is not that far.

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