Thursday, February 08, 2007

Snow Flakes Are Confused People

Big massive snow clouds in London,
And they changed my world to white this morning.
The snow flakes came, haltingly, hesistatingly,
And when they start to fall, they looked strange,
Like confused white alive things,
Dont know which way to go,
Helter skelter they go,
Not quite decided yet where they want to fall,
Sometimes they go 'wheeee!!' and spin round and round,
Sometimes they go running behind each other,
It looks like they are trying to dodge the ground,
To avoid being merged into the crowd,
To avoid being melted into nothingness.
While other larger flakes are tired of their journey,
All the way down to the ground,
They head straight home to Earth,
And fall down with a soft sigh,
Destination reached, now time to rest and melt.
Confused pretty white alive snow flakes!

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