Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Changing Planets

Time to be back to the grind. back in my town, my house, my room. In my other life. Its feels like I am on a different planet everytime I am in India, the life in UK seems very far away and faint. Once I am there, India seems far away.
In discussions with parents I was told, life abroad is tougher and more stressful than here. And that is a debate I can have till eternity. The pressure is now on to chose the location of my life. As if a decision now shall stick for the rest of my life. Much as I love being home and with my family, I do also love my life in UK, my space, my choices...its good. I like both my planets, and as long as I am able to flit between both I should be fine. Why does one have to make such decisions, only once. If you chose to live abroad, does it mean you cant come home for good? or vice versa? If you chose to work in India, cant you go and live later in Seychelles...or anywhere else on the planet?
Why do we make simple temporary decisions, life changing, important ones? And then tress about them?
I think it is more important that I am with people I love and care about than where I am. I shall follow my heart, the mind shall follow.
As of now I am happy. Shall see what happens next in this ever changing..crazy life of mine!

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