Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Begins. The time left to go back to my other life in UK begins.
As with every journey, I have, on popular demand and some nagging, checked my dates and time of travel. Though I have them memorised. I am also being asked to start getting my things together, because they are lying all over the house. I am being told I create a BIG nuisance of myself when and if I forget my things at home. So please..put things in one place. I will, I will, later...its only tuesday and I am leaving on Sunday...plenty of time.
As usual, the shopping list is out...what else is needed? The contact lenses, the medicines - which I must take, the coconut hair oil, the kuda as I call it..Imli, Gajjak, Revari, Ram Ladoos, heeng goli, zeera goli, supaari..etc etc..technically edible but not food category. So thats done. Also have to buy some things people have asked for. Anything else? yes..books I must buy. Some photographs of people I want on my wall.
The time will come when as I leave, there shall be tears..as usual. I think its a mum thing..no matter how often I come, everytime I go there are tears! I dont know what to say about it. I dont like to see people cry..specially when I seem to be the reason behind the tears. As usual there will be a passport, ticket check, which is endearing when taken in the right mood. All the bye phone calls will come through on my way to the airport. hmmm!!!
Holidays nearly over. Perhaps I shall go and start putting my 'things in one place'!!

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