Friday, January 13, 2006

Current book

Being the book worm that I am, I always have a book that I am reading..apart from the PhD related stuff. I just finished Cecelia Ahern's book - Where Rainbows End, which is about best friends who take 40 years to realise they are soul mates. Very well written, but this blog is about an Indian author's book.
Chetan Bhagat's second novel came highly recommended by a close friend. One Night @ the Call Centre is an interesting book about the life of the Indian youth who work in BPOs or Call Centres. Well written and interestingly drawn out characters makes it a must read for any Indian who can read and understand English. The book was written by Chetan because he met a girl in a train who told him IIT and IIM graduates dont make a majority of the youth in India and he should look around a bit more and write a book about the Indian youth. The story twists when God calls at the call centre. Its an unusual story written in usual English. Very good read. I am maha impressed with it. Check it out, its available on Amazon.

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Anonymous said...

Well it sure was unputdownable, but superficial at times.
maanh! the best hting I like was the discovery of the bald spot and how it was used to advantage! that was some wit the author displayed!
set me wondering whether in reality, it should be a bother.
yeah the hinglish is fun. But I like 5.someone..anyday!
check out 'a pice of cake' by Minal something..on similar lines.Talks about a Marketing executive trying to make it big - must say lot of Sidney Sheldon has gone into it.