Thursday, January 12, 2006

Of automatic locks and other such like

Right..mum's gone all security conscious and has put automatic locks on all doors in the house. As a back up, being smart as she is, she has given copies of the keys to the kind neighbours. You know whats on..
I go take the dog for a walk. Come home and shut (latch) the main metal door and also the wooden door to the house..this has an auto lock which I disable as I dont like automatic locks. So I come in, its bright and sunny outside and so I walk to the balcony and sit with the dog in the sun. Mild wind..shuts the wooden lock clicks and I am well and truly locked out. because of the manual lock on the main keys (with the neighbours!!) can get me out. So options..sit and wait till someone realises I am not in the house or on the mobile. Shout till some one hears me. Or..use muscle power..which I have developed from compulsive shopping, hence bag lifting in UK.
So I try to kick the door. Nope.
So I try to open the window which shall let me reach the lock from inside. Nope.
Break window pane. Cut hand. Unscrew the jaali work and pull it apart so I can reach the lock. Cut hand. again. Big bruise coming up as I write.
Meanwhile neighbour..Kashmiri lady..unscrews the main door and gets a pair of kitchen tongs to unhinge the manual lock. We succed at the same time. I reach the lock with my cut hands...she unlocks the main door and walks in.
Much excitement in what would be a normal sleepy day!!
Is it me..or do weird things happen to everyone? I take the dog out several times in a day and nothing happens. Being locked on the 4th floor of a not fun. Add to it a dog who was an opera singer in a previous life, and still practices inside the body of a dog. Loads of noise..banging and howling to a crescendo and we are out. I am back. In the house!
And I shall hope to live happily ever after.


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