Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Greedy!!! Again

yes..thats the only way to know you are human...you think....I just want that...that one thing..once I get that I shall be happy and thankful forever and ever.
And then you get it!! Halleluja..happiness happens..and lasts all of one day, till you set your sights on the next thing you want...is this ambition or greed I dont know.
When I look at it in a twisted way, I think...bottom lines...bottomlines..of what I want and where I want to get..and all these small things are steps...steps I take to get where I want to. But then what I want is SO very simple..that these steps seems far too complicated to bother with..and then all initiative to do anything gets lost.
Am I making sense?
Have you ever felt this way.....that once you get this one thing, you shall be happy and stress free forever, and then the next thing comes along. And when other people think and do the same thing..you think...what a greedy soul!!


Anonymous said...

if you are not greedy then life would be saturated. talk of the ultimate possession, it is a utopian concept..have more, dil maange more!

Chintan said...

You'll never be the only one :)