Friday, January 20, 2006

Cheap thrills

Colleague of mine has a bad cold. She is one of those serious ones, I-dont-make-mistakes, nothing-is-funny, this-is-a-tiring-job, I-am-an-important-person-and-have-no-time-to-smile-or-chat type. She could hear very little this morning as her ears were blocked.
At lunch time, a friend and I decided to mime animatedly (without the sound of course) while she was around..she really panicked. She thought she could hear a bit, but when she thought she has gone completely deaf because she could not hear me (I admit I have a loud voice) - she panicked. The look of surprise on our faces and the resulting increase in our silent animatedness made her get a phone and dial was then that I could not hold the sound of my giggles in. She is NOT happy..ofcourse!!

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Anonymous said...

notty gal eh ;o)