Sunday, January 01, 2006

This is the home.

My house in India has become like a hotel, or maybe I have become an angrez. Dont know about you...but the bells in the house ring an average of 2 times per hour. I am counting phone, mobile phone and the door bell.
here is a short list of who all 'rang' between 7.30 am and now...5.30pm
1. the maid to wash the dishes
2. the maalish waali
3. the milk man
4. the newspaper man
5. the boy who gets flowers for the puja
6. the chemist with ma's medicines
7. the butcher with meat
8. the neighbour who's fridge is not working
9. the gardener
10. the maid's friend
11. the Kashmiri neighbour who speaks no english or hindi but is alone
12. the man who washes the car
13. the neighbour who's dustbin was upturned by a stray dog
14. innnumerable friends called to say Happy New Year
15. aunt called to chat
16. school friends called to chat
17. college friends called to chat
18. Internet connection (cable waala) called to say he needs to check something
19. another aunt called to chat
20. cousin called to chat
21. uncle called to chat
22. neighbour's son called to ask if his folks were ok
23. neighbour's son called to say he has left his jammu tickets behind in his house here
24. ma's colleagues from work called to say HNY
25. friend called to chat
26. sister called to find out what's happening.
27. the maid called to say she is not coming till end of Jan

and now I have to go because there goes the doorbell..again!!!
It does feel strange after the silence I have got used to in England


Anonymous said...

Thou have become angrez ansd nothing else. This part and parcel of living in India and we love it like this :-)


Morpheus said...

I dont think I am an angrez yet, or ever shall be one. I am just mighty amused, when reminded of what living in India is all about. All these people are a part of my mothers life..and share all the news in the house. Its amazing how small local networks work. I am the 'chotti baby' who has come from London (I dont live in London)...and no matter how old I get I will be 'Chotti baby'..amusing amazing stuff!!!