Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Delhi Rules..

Went shopping...again? Yes!
Was out and about Delhi in the fog with the smells of pollution, freshly roasted ground nuts in the air and the dust from the sweeping of dead leaves on the streets.
Traffic lights dont have beggars anymore..New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) has banned them.
In the main market in Sarojini Nagar, hawkers were invisible..NDMC banned them.
Went fruit shopping...for those who are raising an eyebrow here...I do eat fruits..sometimes...with a gun to my head...but I do eat them...
So...the fruits are sold on push carts in Delhi....now these have been banned by NDMC again. So vendors with pushcarts are visible at the corner of a road...from where they run with their wares in the sight of an NDMC truck!
I was buying some small berries (ber) from a woman with a basket, when the NDMC struck...they swooped in an took her basket full of berries away. Hmmmm!! The poor woman was furious..because the NDMC apparently..do this on a regular basis..pay them 150Rs and they shall give your basket back. She was angry and upset..money given would help today but not for the rest of the month.
The thing about living in India is...life is so harsh and straight..it makes you wince..but then emotions and affections are so strong it makes you warm, and people are so straight forward at times...you wonder why you ever left!


Anonymous said...

Well incidently we both are in Delhi at the same time and I have meaning to meet you since some time. If you reackon it could be possible, drop me a line at my email add..hope u have nice days in Delhi and ahead..Rahul

Morpheus said...

Hey, a few more days left in Delhi and I am baby sitting my dog and being the maid in the house, mum's maid has gone on leave!!! Life in India!!!